Developing in Cognex In-Sight® Explorer Spreadsheet Class


A skills development session designed to educate the user on advanced topics regarding the spreadsheet environment. Keep up-to-date with the latest API changes and inspection tools by attending this class.


Provides an overview of Cognex In-Sight Hardware platform and introduces the In-Sight Explorer software that used to develop and deploy In-Sight cameras. How to get connected and get an image, record images, and some communications.

Learn: Hardware | Communications | ISE Controls, Recording, Easybuilder Explanation, and Snippets | Getting an image

Spreadsheet Programming General Vision Functions

A look at the general vision tools available: Pattern, Edge, Blobs, Image Processing. Of which, most other advanced tool are based on. The explanation will cover how these tools work behind the scenes. And, where to consider using what. Users will also gain some initial knowledge of how the spreadsheets works.

Learn: Pattern | Working in the Spreadsheet | Edges | Histogram | Blobs | Images

Logic & Controls

Demonstrates the Spreadsheets flexibility and capability for creating math and logic. UI (user interface) controls are also introduced. The user will learn how to create a complete inspection; with an editable parameter and a pass/fail result.

Learn: Cell Referencing | Operators | UI Controls | Math

Logic & Controls (Part 2)

The InRange() function can be used to test a value against an upper and lower limit. This is much easier than nesting an If() function.... There are plenty of functions available to help keep your program organized and efficient. Actually, there is 54 of them... and they are all pretty useful. Well cover the most important, and where to find the rest.

Learn: Logic | Lookup | Statistics | Trigonometry


PatMax®, the industry’s gold standard for part and feature location, provides accuracy and repeatability under the most challenging conditions. Learn how to use it, and where.

Learn: PatMax®

Logic & Controls (Part 3)

Clocked Data Storage functions store a stream of values from a cell over time. Useful for statistics, and programming single click "Teach" functions into your inspection. Well also cover a new concept for the spreadsheet called "Looping".

Learn: Clocked Data Storage | Latch | Looping | Shift Register | Count

Defect Detection

Two new tools make inspecting for defects easier, faster, and more robust. This topic will cover both: the FFD (Flexible Flaw Detect) and Inspect Edge Tools.  Inspect Edge can be used for Bead Inspection, Advanced Edge Locating, Straightness, and more.. The new FFD Tool will perform a pixel-to-pixel comparison on a trained image, with the ability to compensate for changes in skew and scale (aka Flex).

Learn: Easybuilder | Toolbuidling

Spreadsheet Programming for Easybuilder

EasyBuilder doesn’t require users to learn programming, enabling them to focus on what’s most familiar … the part! Using it for your application can help entry level users support your application. Learn how it works, and how to use it yourself.

Learn: Flexible Flaw Detection | Inspect Edge Tools

Optional Subject based on special request or popular demand

ID Reading: Covers OCR tools and 1D, 2D Barcode tools.

Color: Covers Color tools and inspections.

Calibration: Covers Calibration techniques.