powertools by iv-industry™ powered camera on display at 2009 Intl. Robot, Vision & Motion Show

posted Jun 28, 2009, 5:29 PM by Darren Bolgioni   [ updated Jun 28, 2009, 10:07 PM by Darren Bolgioni ]

The Cognex ® In-Sight Micro system located is front is running powertools 1.1 and is used to inspect a solor panel..

A powertools equipt Cognex ® In-Sight Micro was on display in a Cognex booth this year at the Intl. Robot, Vision & Motion Show. The powertools Color Blob Tool, was applied to identify red defects found on a solar panel manufactured by Siemens AG. The booth belonged to R.R. Floody Co., a Cognex ASP. In addition, the booth's true-vu monitor (located above the conveyor) was configured by the powertools development team to connect a total of three In-Sight systems: demonstrating the team's Windows application development capability and attention to visual design. 

2009 Intl. Robots, Vision, & Motion Control Show and Conference

posted Jun 26, 2009, 12:15 AM by Darren Bolgioni   [ updated Jul 1, 2009, 6:15 AM ]

Darren Bolgioni - Sr. powertools developer - at the 2009 Intl. Robots, Vision, & Motion Control Show and Conference in Chicago USA

powertools by iv-industry™ was introduced this year at the International Robots, Vision, & Motion Control Show inside the Cognex® | R.R. Floody Company booth. While demonstrating the new powertools 1.1 (an Add-On to Cognex ® EasyBuilder vision development software) , we discussed how Easybuilder can solve applications quickly and easily. And with the addition of the powertools add-on software, camera programmers can expanded their tool set to include: smart gauging, color monitoring, flaw detection, mutli-point inspections, and more.... all while maintaining the same ease-of-use. Discussions with many about migrating from DVT into In-Sight where very enlightening and typically included a round trip back to the DVT characteristics found in the new version of powertools.

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